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Articles By Auction Lotwatch

Internet auction sites, such as eBay and others have provided a great platform for literally millions of users to buy or sell virtually anything from unwanted household goods to high value items at the click of a button. The vast majority of sales ar... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 11571 Times      Category : Auction Buyers

CQout has seen many online auction sites come and go, and it’s easy these days to set up an auction site ‘out of the box’. But maintaining and developing that site in the face of changing patterns of internet use, data security issues, and increasing... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 7817 Times      Category : Auctions General

Over the years I have seen many an auction site come and go. In some cases the shouts of "we'll be the next eBay" have hardly died down before you find that unfortunately the site has expired. As some have found out, it simply isn't as easy as buying... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 8119 Times      Category : Auctions General

One of the most frustrating parts of online auctions is the time taken to find items of interest - especially on sites such as eBay with many thousands of listings. Many bargain hunters will have kicked themselves when they find the item they have be... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 9412 Times      Category : Auction Buyers

eBay unvieled their latest research recently which predicts a healthy Christmas for online shopping sites. The research published by eBay Advertising into the behaviour of the e-buying consumer revealed that....... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 16442 Times      Category : Ecommerce

UK based internet auction site CQout Ltd (pronounced ‘Seek You Out’) this week celebrates having over a quarter million items for sale on CQout for the first time, cementing its position as the UK’s second largest internet auction site.... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 12126 Times      Category : Auctions General

Have you ever wondered how identical items can fetch such widely differing prices on eBay? Or why some items fail to receive any bids at all? Sometimes it is a matter of luck, or just timing - especially for things which are pretty unique or where t... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 9371 Times      Category : Auction Buyers

Harness the presence of eBay throughout the world to increase your sales or find new bargains. A lot of sellers on eBay tend to trade within their comfort zones without realising the potential of expanding global markets. Whilst it its true that for... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 10559 Times      Category : Auctions General

eBid announced recently that it had surpassed the three million auctions mark. eBid which started trading in 1999 in the UK now has a presence in 18 territories across the US and Canada, UK, Africa, Asia and Australasia.... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 18019 Times      Category : Auctions General

Find out exactly what people are searching for right now on eBay - sorted by category - with this simple tool! Constantly updated this free tool shows the most popular and hot search terms across all eBay categories. This is invaluable for both... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 13616 Times      Category : Auction Sellers

Have you ever wondered how many eBay auction lots are closing at any one time?? Maybe it is something that you have not even considered - but this maybe an opportunity missed for the serious bargain hunter. With literally thousands of lots closing... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 38461 Times      Category : Auction Buyers

If you haven't sold on eBay before it can be understandably a daunting prospect. However with just a few tools, a bit of hard work and a busy marketplace you could well be on the road to earning extra cash!... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 9425 Times      Category : Auction Sellers

The untimely death of king of pop Michael Jackson had led to a surge of memorabilia being listed on auction sites worldwide. eBay - saw a surge in items related to the global superstar put on sale overnight, following his death in Los Angeles on... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 10119 Times      Category : Auctions General

Tazbar which launched in August 2006 today announced its closure to members. Started by a small number of auction sellers who had become disillusioned with increasing costs & reduced sales at other alternative auction venues it... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 9147 Times      Category : Auctions General

Tesco eBay Outlet Opens Supermarket giant Tesco announced that it has opened another new store - this time on eBay UK.... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 20538 Times      Category : Auctions General

Free Auction Tools provider Auctionlotwatch.co.uk announced today its annual predictions for what will be the most popular Christmas toys on eBay UK this year. Based on industry source predictions & current searches the list highlights some past favourite... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 42264 Times      Category : Auctions General

With new sellers joining eBay everyday it can become a constant battle to ensure that you stand out from the competition. These days sellers have realised that additional traffic can be generated off eBay and directed towards their own listings.... [ Read Article ]

Article Viewed : 17259 Times      Category : Auction Sellers

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