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Here you can find articles covering every aspect of Property Auctions...

Property Auctions

Spend time considering every single area where a cost will be incurred and detail every likely payment that will have to be made and you will arm yourself with a bullet proof budget and do all you can to ensure you encounter no nasty surprises along... [ Read Article ]

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Brazil, the world's leading emerging property market and one which is forecast to outstrip even that of Spain! Real estate investors worldwide are turning their attention to Brazil as it fast becomes a world economic leader and returns on Brazilian... [ Read Article ]

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Article on renovating Property in France... [ Read Article ]

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Did you know that every year thousands of UK properties are sold at significantly below market value? The majority of these properties are released through property auctions where regular savings of between 10% to 40% are available to market value. E... [ Read Article ]

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A recent report from leading consumer group which showed that Home Information Packs (HIP’s) purchased from estate agents can often cost over twice as much as those bought from a specialist. It reports that the gap between prices can be as much as £3... [ Read Article ]

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What can landlord software do for you !!!... [ Read Article ]

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Surveys on mortgage loan borrowers show that most Americans are paying more than the actual costs of their homes. Additional fees or what are called “junk fees” burden most home owners on their home loans.... [ Read Article ]

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How to buy property off-plan in France and how apartment blocks are run in France... [ Read Article ]

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To carry out a successful move when relocating, it seems that the most important factor to consider is a plan of how it should be done. This could be anything from who to get involved and how to save money, to what you need to pack, furniture hire, t... [ Read Article ]

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When moving location, your biggest worries are most probably getting everything done in time, not breaking or losing any of your possessions or worrying who will look after the children on the day. However whilst these worries are rushing through you... [ Read Article ]

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