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Making a profit without marketing your own product!

Most people do not succeed on the internet because they are selling products no one desperately wants.

If you want to be truly successful, sell only things that people really really really want to buy!

Sounds simple? It is.

You only need to find out what people desperately want and then give it to them.
Unfortunately, most people online (and offline) are ignoring this basic fundamental law to sales success.
So without further ado, just follow this 7-step system to profits even if have not made a dime online yet....

1. Go to EBay’s 'Hot Item Forum' and find out what products and services are selling well.

2. Find a local wholesaler who sells the products or services that are selling well on EBay who does not already sell on EBay (most will not be)

3. Ask them, "If I was able to move X amount of units of your product, what percentage of your profits would you share with me?"

4. If they are interested and are willing to give you a decent share of their profits, get them to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Joint Venture Contract. They are both simple documents that you can find and download from the Internet.

5. Arrange shipping with the company. Ask them to drop ship the products to the people who have purchased from you on EBay. (If they will not do this, get them to ship pallets of the product to you for you to do the shipping.)

6. Get them to provide you with a complete list of their in-stock inventory. You will then be in a position to offer related products to any eBay customers who purchase from you as extra backend sales. Just make sure you agree a good profit percentage on each backend product with the company.

7. Advertise the products on EBay and rake in the cash. If you are a complete EBay newbie or you have very limited time, go to the 'Easy Trading Assistant' homepage to do the selling for you if necessary.

This is a proven, simple, elegant formula for anybody with a few spare hours a month to make good profits online. It requires zero technical knowledge and even a complete newbie can get started immediately.

It only requires some surfing of Ebay and the Internet followed by a few phone calls to some wholesalers. The rest is child's play.
In fact, you can even use the EBay Trading Assistant to do the selling for you. (They would take a small cut of course).

Remember, on EBay, the shipping cost is a standard extra that the bidder pays, so you should have no problem negotiating with the wholesaler a fair price to do the shipping for you.

The most important factor to increasing your income is to launch what I call your own little 'oil wells’, which bring you in cash like clockwork. The above system shows you how easy this is to do.
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