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Least Expensive Marketing Strategy

When trying to get your name out there on the World Wide Web, you can find yourself easily discouraged. Finding the best and most efficient way to promote your website can take months of trial and error. Here, we've put together some of the best ways to promote your website. Although we are not necessarily telling you anything you haven't heard before, we've tried to put most of it in one place for easy access.

Promote your site in online forums and blogs, whether it be your own or someone else's. The Internet offers hundreds of thousands of very specific and targeted online forums, blogs, email discussion lists and news groups made up of people with specific interests. Find groups with constructive dialog going on and add to the discussion in an unobtrusive way. Make sure your signature line has a link to your website so other users can easily find you.

Everyone loves free stuff. Promote your website by offering a contest to give something away. You'll be amazed at how quickly your traffic goes up. The prize does not have to be anything major, it can be as simple as a free pair of whatever you're selling or an hour of your services. The rules for your contest must be legal in all the states and your contest and prize should ultimately target the demographic with which you would like to do business.

One of the least used but easiest website promotion tactics is to ask your visitors to bookmark your site. It sounds so simple, I know, yet so many people never make the request. The average Internet user will not think to bookmark a website the first or second time they visit it. It is only after they have had to type in the web address several times that they will realize it was ridiculous to not bookmark it in the first place; I know this from experience.

Find businesses that compliment the service or product you offer and exchange ads with them. This goes a step further than just asking for a reciprocal link, as you will not be asking another company to advertise for you without a return on their time.

After time, you will find that you will need to pony up some cash in order to really promote your website and your business. How much is up to you, but before you make the leap, be sure to carefully calculate your return on investment. Some of the best buys in paid advertising are text ads in email newsletters targeted at a specific demographic. While banner ads used to be popular, they have less than a 0.2 percent click-thru rate now and are only worth it if you can get them for very, very cheap.

Begin an affiliate program to build a network of companies, or affiliates, that have a financial stake in promoting your website. Determine what type of commission rate you are willing to pay them and then find a company that is willing to work out the nitty gritty details of your program. Finally, promote the opportunity and get the clicks rolling in!

Finally, list your products and services with shopping comparison sites. These are sites where shoppers go to determine where they can get the best deal on what they want to buy. Some are free to list, other charge a commission. Either way, for the minimal amount of investment, it's worth it to promote your website on one of these sites.

Certainly this article is not meant to be the be-all, end-all of website promotion. If you search the Internet, you will find thousands of articles out there to help you promote your website; we only hope we were able to summarize some of the easiest and most effective promotion methods. Good luck!

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John McLean is an SEO consultant with a leading website promotion agency in the UK. For more information about website promotion, please visit h

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