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Internet Marketing Plan... !!

Every business owner would love to say "My sales hit record highs this year!" However, without an effective marketing strategy, you may not ever get to shout those words from the rooftops. Are you headed into this fiscal year with big plans for explosive sales, or are you going to sit back and maintain the status quo? If you're aiming for the first, we've got some tips to get you on your way.

First and foremost, it is important to note that if you are going to have success, you must approach your Internet marketing strategy in an organized and methodical way. A planned approach does not have to be difficult to orchestrate and it does not have to be an expensive venture. If you can take just one day to really work out the details, you could have a year's worth of sales.

Identify your current and future customer base. Are they male or female? What types of jobs do they have? How do they use your product or service? Most important, what is your ideal customer like? After you have listed out your current and ideal demographic, you can more easily determine where you will place your advertising.

The most efficient Internet marketing campaign is one that spreads its message across several sites simultaneously. If you are seen in more than one place at a time, it will only increase your visibility and embed your message in your customer's mind. When considering a newsletter or site where you may place your ads, look at things like current page rank, the advertising they are now displaying, and whether those ads would be complimentary to your business or competitive in nature.

Now that you have a better idea of how much your Internet marketing campaign is going to cost, you can create a realistic budget. In your mind, you already know what you can spend; the trick is to compare that figure with the total cost of what you would like to do and determine how to stretch every last cent. Don't get caught up in spending less to have more ads out there; you may find that spending a little more with a more frequently reviewed site will get you far more traffic than three ads on three other sites that are only visited half as often.

Write ad copy that your customers can relate to. Choose one or two items that are popular and build your ad copy around those things; find their benefit and write ad copy that will appeal to the consumer on an emotional level. They have to want it and think they need it before they will buy it. After you've got the perfect ad copy, consider offering a coupon of some sort; what better way for the customer to justify the purchase?

Finally, be sure to track what you are doing. If you want to know how effective your Internet marketing campaign is, you need to pay attention to where your business is coming from. In the future, you'll know where to spend more and less marketing dollars. There are many advertising management services out there that will help you track your efforts.

Successful Internet marketing campaigns are possible in any business situation, regardless of your budget. By following a simple marketing plan, and following through with each step you lay out, you can create a great campaign with a hefty return on your investment.

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Adrian McLean is an Internet Marketer with the leading Internet Marketing company in the UK. To learn more about

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