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CQout Quarter Million Listings - eBay not the only game in town..

UK based internet auction site CQout Ltd (pronounced ‘Seek You Out’) this week celebrates having over a quarter million items for sale on CQout for the first time, cementing its position as the UK’s second largest internet auction site.


Set up in 1999 by London Business School graduates Siamak Bashi, Tony Newton and Mike Rees, CQout has grown quietly by word of mouth, content to watch other auction sites come and go. During that time the site has developed a solid reputation for security and customer service to the point where it now has users in over 50 countries.

Commenting on how another auction site can exist in the shadow of the giant that has become known to disgruntled users as ‘Feebay’, CQout Managing Director Siamak Bashi said “We think people should have a choice, whether it’s on the High Street or the internet. Our view is that people do sometimes need help and value real customer service, so if you call us, you’ll get through to a real person who’ll help deal with a problem or offer advice…and unlike some others we do respond to email! Also, from Day One, we’ve insisted on a rigorous validation policy to ensure that users were genuine: some people loved that, some hated it, but time has proved that we were right to work harder than certain other sites to keep out potential fraudsters and scammers.”


But why would a user choose to buy or sell on CQout rather than the market leader?

“Part of it comes down to personal service, some of it’s down to simple economics,” explains Bashi. “If the cost of selling goods gets too high, sellers will look for an alternative. Our job isn’t to knock the opposition, but the fact is that the nickname ‘Feebay’ is something that our customer service people hear time and again. Contrast that with our own ‘no sale, no fee’ policy, and you see that for a big seller, using our site can make a real difference to their ‘bottom line’.”

CQout’s claims are borne out by customer testimonials:

“We were really getting really squeezed by ‘Feebay’s’ charges, and someone recommended CQout, " says John Hilton, who has sold through CQout for over a year and typically has 500 items for sale on CQout at any given time. "We’d never heard of them, but we thought we’d give them a go and the relationship has grown from there. They even run the sales side of our own website, which minimises the work we have to do. We recommend anyone who wants to control their cost of sales and get decent service into the bargain to give CQout a spin. Don’t expect your sales to take off immediately, but if you’re prepared to do a bit of work telling your customers where you’re selling, they’ll come and find you.”

CQout reminds potential users that listing at CQout doesn’t have to be exclusive. “We have lots of users that list on other auction sites as well,” confirms CQout’s Siamak Bashi. “With bulk upload tools that accept input from other auction sites’ formats and input from Excel or SQL databases, we’ll bend over backwards to help new CQout users get their goods listed…and as CQout operates a ‘no sale, no fee’ policy on standard listings, why not grab yourself an additional channel for your goods that costs you nothing?”

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