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Performance and Innovation

Wilsdorf realized that his watches needed to be extremely durable, in addition to accurate. Under his leadership and direction, Rolex made many innovations in either creating the technology or buying patents that made wrist watches dust proof, water proof, and auto winding. Wilsdorf did not do anything in half measure and showcased its performance and advertised the new products in a dramatic manner.

After the world's first truly water-resistant watch was created, the first example of this was illustrated. Two inventors named, Paul Perregaux and Georges Peret, developed a new moisture proof winding stem and button, which they put on the watch cases and on October 30, 1925, filed a patent for the same. Prior to this, the winding stem was situated inside the watches case, and wasn't really practical to the masses as this meant that the case had to be opened everyday to wind. And so Rolex had the world's only moisture proof case, now that the winding stem was outside the watch. From this design the Oyster watch was developed. On October1, 1927, when Mercedes Gleitze swam across the English Channel, she sported a Rolex Oyster. She came forth from a swim that lasted for more than 15 hours, with her Rolex in perfect condition. Wilsdorf capitalized on this and on November 27th of the same year, in London's Daily Mail, he took out a front page ad of Gleitze's picture and her story. Thereafter, the new Oyster was placed in small aquariums, wherever Rolexes were sold, to further exhibit its water resistant capabilities, this was on Wilsdorf's instructions. In fact, Sir Edmund Hillary wore a Rolex when he climbed the Rolex, in 1953.


In spite of the company being more than 100 years old, Rolex, in order to maintain its stability as the world's best watch, did several innovative things. And so, due to this stability, in the midst of changes that wiped out a number of watch manufacturers, Rolex not only survived, but blossomed. In the 1950's, the quartz watch was invented, which created low cost time pieces. During the 1970’s about half of the watches sold worldwide were structured on this quartz technology. Hong Kong was the largest watch producer. Since its relocation in 1919, Rolex has been located in Switzerland and never used outsourcing which keeps excellent quality control.

Having made a short venture into quartz technology, Rolex stuck to its foundation and continued to market their basic craft, which was considered old in industry standards. A typical quartz watch has around 50 to100 parts compared to a typical Rolex which has around 220 parts and takes almost a year to produce. Combined with a strong brand name, true craftsmanship can still have value – Rolex was a testimony to this fact www.melrosejewelers.com.

Rolex kept up to its name and image, and never ventured out to produce any other products, unlike many other manufacturers of luxury items, who lent their name to various high end products. While temporary profits may have been a gain for these manufacturers, their brand name often diminished. And thus, Rolex is a name synonymous to wristwatches only.

In comparison to many of today's well known watch companies which are owned by the same two or three companies, Rolex never resorted to take shelter under any corporate or conglomerate. These well-known companies took advantage of their corporate resources and were able to promote their individual product lines. In 1960, Wilsdorf left the company to look after a foundation in order to avoid their interests being mixed or combined with those of various different watch companies. Wilsdorf's original vision was that the company would never be bought or publicly traded by a larger company.

In terms of gross revenue, Rolex has emerged as the world's number one seller of watches and will be able to compete for years to come. Customers are ensured that they are investing in a quality product, one that will be valuable in the future. The high class performance, innovative techniques, stability and its commitment to its foundation of quality, all these features provide value to all Rolex customers.

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