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How My Google Adsense Earnings Dramatically Shot Up

Most seasoned Google Adsense Internet users and entrepreneurs do not believe that free information is of any real value. How can information in the public domain actually have an impact on their Adsense earnings?

They are of course very wrong because many Google Adsense affiliates, including the writer of this article have dramatically increased their Adsense revenue with the help of free information available on the net to everybody. I have even been able to get valuable Adsense keywords for free (but that is another story for another article).

However the secret of being able to turn free information into pure gold, lies in being able to know how to process this information from common dirt into gold.

Using Free Information as It Is Will Not Grow Your Google Adsense Earnings

The legendary Wright brothers in inventing mechanized flight displayed an uncanny ability for processing information. This was actually their strongest point. The brothers, who never finished high school, approached their highly scientific task by gathering and analyzing all the information they could lay their hands on concerning flying and developments in aviation up to that point. There was no Internet in those days, so they had to gather magazines, books, papers and write for information through snail mail.

In analyzing the information they received, they discovered that not all of it was correct. One critical bit of widely accepted calculation was wrong and this led them to the creation and invention of sophisticated wind tunnels, which gave them a much more accurate calculation. This was no trial and error exercise and by the time the Wright brothers did their famous test flight at Kitty Hawk, they already knew, even before they started, that the crude machine they had put together would fly.

Free information as it is will not have a major impact on your Google Adsense earnings. However you can use the Wright brother’s methods and analyze all the free information you can lay your hands on. I have done just that and discovered that lots of the free Adsense info available tends to hint without giving full details or critical fine points, which you will have to discover on your own.

How To Generate New Google Adsense Earning Ideas

The whole idea is that you should be able to use the free information to generate your own ideas to help you increase your Google Adsense earnings.

For instance, some basic free information I came across suggested that people tended to click more on the Google Adsense ads in subjects where there was not enough free information available online. This led me to research on how best to ensure that there is just enough information available at my blogs to create an even bigger hunger for more information on the side of the reader. This additional information I then offer for sale at a very reasonable price, but there is also the option of visitors to my blog clicking on the Google Adsense ads for more information. It has taken me sometime to perfect this technique, but I am now getting it right and my Google Adsense earnings have shot up dramatically because of this single technique that I developed as a result of processing free information.

Carefully analyze every bit of free Google Adsense info you come across and find a way of applying it to your sites. The more you do this, the more you will increase your earnings.

Being A Writer Or Having Access To A Low Cost Writer Is A Clear Google Adsense Advantage

In other words what we are saying here is that to be able to benefit fully from the free information you come across, you will have to do a lot of research and development. The only way to do effective R&D (research and development) is by constantly testing and trying out new things. In the Google Adsense world, this will mostly involve the content at your sites.

Those Google Adsense affiliates who are good writers in their own right or those who have access to a low cost writer able to generate quality content for them have a definite advantage. Always remember that whatever you do, the more pages of useful content you have out there, the higher the number of clicks you will end up receiving. So for starters just generating loads of good content is a powerful strategy for earning more from your Google Adsense ads.

There are some smart Google Adsense affiliates who have found a way of maximizing on the revenue they generate from a single article or piece of content.

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