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Automate Your eBay Searches

One of the most frustrating parts of online auctions is the time taken to find items of interest - especially on sites such as eBay with many thousands of listings. Many bargain hunters will have kicked themselves when they find the item they have been searching for has been listed and sold before they spot it. In all honesty due to most peoples hectic lifestyles it is very often the case that we simply don't have time to continually search eBay and therefore may miss a lot of bargains.

Do you really have time, or more to the point do you really want to search eBay everyday for those rare items that you find desirable?

Recently a new Free eBay Auction Tool was released [ http://www.auctionremind.com ] designed for every buyer, collector or auction business it will hopefully become an invaluable resource. Already described by one regular user as "A simple to use tool that saves both time & money A+" and by another as "very handy indeed - I just check my emails now!"

The basic idea behind auctionremind.com is to cut down on the frustrating time spent searching by automating the whole process. Create either automated standard searches or find misspelt auction items - either way the results will be sent direct to your email address. You decide the frequency of the emails and the intelligent search software will do the rest. Additionally you can monitor for rare items and be emailed when they are listed - which should make it ideal for collectors. Multi-Country searches allow you to search the following eBay sites: UK, US, Australia & Canada.

Benefit from misspellings on eBay or just use the normal automated search features to save both time & money with http://www.auctionremind.com

About The Author:

Auction Lotwatch have been providing a selection of free auction tools and information to the online auction community for over five years. Visit now to see how we can help your auction experience: http://www.auctionlotwatch.com

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