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Here you can find articles relating to Internet Marketing for your websites and auctions...

Internet Marketing

Blog is short for Web Log or Weblog and the Blogosphere is the online blog world, some parts of which are hyperlinked extensively to each other. This is the Wikipedia definition: Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that... [ Read Article ]

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With today’s technology it is quite possible to run your entire business online from anywhere in the world using your laptop computer. No commute required. No travel time with reduced fuel consumption and maintenance on your vehicles. Best of all you... [ Read Article ]

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I see many webmasters using the article submissions to get only links. Although they are good for link building, you could get massive amount of traffic by writing compelling content.... [ Read Article ]

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From the very beginning of the Internet, the number one challenge which all of us have faced is how to attract qualified visitors to our websites. Throughout the boom years, one of the most popular solutions was to get massive funding, relatively eas... [ Read Article ]

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It is a fact that traffic, or the number of people who visit your site, could make or break an online business. After all, we cannot sell our products if no one would get to know about them. The problem is, most webmasters would rather concentrate on... [ Read Article ]

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There are many ways to take your business to the next level. There are a lot of strategies you could employ to bring in an extra $25,000.00 dollars each month. Unfortunately, few of those strategies are free, and even fewer promise to work for you as... [ Read Article ]

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Google currently indexes over 8 billion web pages. However, before these pages were placed in the index, they were each crawled by a special spider known as the GoogleBot. Unfortunately, many web masters do not know about the internal workings of thi... [ Read Article ]

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Sales promotion tools can be varied. They can be aimed at different target audiences: the consumer, the sales team and the trade. Whoever they are targeted to, they have one common goal: to increase sales. Since the sales function is the most importa... [ Read Article ]

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Web design focuses on appearance and aesthetics. SEO focuses on text quality and quantity. Web designers don't really like to clutter their designs with text. They prefer to see the images stand out on their own. SEOs on the other hand don't like images t... [ Read Article ]

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A blog is short for weblog, which simply means a website that is updated frequently with new information and is organized by date and submission. Blogs are typically a way of journalizing information whether it be personal, business, or what have you... [ Read Article ]

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